The Acquisition Institute (TAI) Inc. DUN # 793216966, Tax ID is 20-8452893


TAI offers Online Distance Learning courses at ( under the "Courses Tab" for both Individual & Group Distance Learning.  Courses must be paid using a government purchase card (or credit card) at this site.  Agency One-day onsite classes must be paid for upfront too. All other onsite courses are paid using Purchase Orders and SF-182 forms, so call us at 202-280-7272 to set a date. The Shopping Cart is ONLY for individuals and groups wanting to take a Distance Learning courses (not for onsite agency training). Please Note: The general public may also take our courses. All course prices listed here are less than the Micro-purchase and require payment by Government Purchase Card or personal credit card.  We send course materials to student email addresses once payment has been made. If your card is declined, it is because your address is wrong, or more than likely your card is not authorized or coded for this type of transaction. MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP FOR THE CORRECT COURSE BY CONSULTING YOUR AGENCY ACM- BE SURE OF WHAT YOU ARE ORDERING TO MEET YOUR IDP requirements in FAITAS.